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    Thank you for clarification, Bobbi! I take a multi vit with good iron content with supper about 6-7ish. I take my synthroid at 5:30 am, then go back to bed for an hour before I have coffee – that’s when I take my lasix with a big glass of water. My Dr says the iron I’m getting in the multi vit is just the right amount of supplement.
    So – I just spent almost an hour with our dietitian, and she’s digging up info and making a personal diet plan menu for me. She told me I had to learn to like liver and spinach! YUCK! She also said I need to eat 6 (YIKES) meals a day with balanced protein and carbs. And I have to learn to eat breakfast – which I have never done. I’m scared to see the menu she recommends – but she’s an expert and does this for our nursing home and hospital customers all the time. It’s a mixed blessing that she’s across the hall….she can help, but she can also check up on me constantly to make sure I’m following her instructions. Gee!