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    Hi Cathy,

    Coconut milk!! Yum! I love coconut!! I’ll bet it’s wonderful – but is it high in calories? Thanks for the suggestion about calcium – I’ll be more aware of that. I take a calcuim with D supplement (have for years) and I love cheese and yogurt. I also drink OJ with calcium. It’s funny – when my kids were home we all drink lots of milk, but as they’ve grown up and moved on I don’t drink nearly as much. Wonder why…. Anyway – I’ll try and have at least a glass a day. I was not aware of the iodine content of milk vs RAI. Interesting!

    One last question (at least for today). I’m getting over a nasty cold, and my daughter is encouraging me to get a flu shot. Since I haven’t started on a treatment yet (other than a beta blocker) is that a good idea now? Don’t know that it makes a difference, but I really don’t want to do anything to stimulate my immune system anymore than it already is right now. My doctor didn’t mention it one way or the other; I’m just curious what others have done.

    Take care,