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    Mike – I will speak for myself and why I chose RAI here. I, honestly, would have been a good candidate for anti-thyroid meds, given my Graves was mild and my age/gender. However, I also have osteoporosis and the Graves can (and did) work against regaining my bone health. I am on a 2 year treatment with a new med for the osteoporosis and I wanted to make the most of that time – hopefully get my bone health back before I break a bone – which tends to happen to women in their 60’s – I am in 53.

    Had I chosen PTU – there would have been the wait to see if it worked – and, if not, then RAI – all the time my bone time clock is ticking. Had I gone into remission, I would have been sitting on the edge of my chair wondering if I would go back into active disease and have this further damage bones before it got caught. I read up on it and everything I could find is that Graves with underlying osteoporosis, one should go with RAI due to the bone risk.

    I had a bad 6 weeks after RAI because I reacted very quickly and my TSH was bouncing – that means all my neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) were off. If I had it to do over – would I do RAI. Yes, I would. I live with some fear, however, because my mom had Graves and had RAI two years later she died of stomach cancer. However, there is no real evidance to say this had anything to do with RAI. Give cancer tends to be precancer for years (and her RAI was only 1 year before her cancer diagnosis) – and she smoked (and used too much alcohol when younger) – those were her real risks.

    So – the answer is I was pleased with RAI despite the initial jolt and I plan to take very good care of myself the next few years to stay healthy! Whatever choice you make – I think it is important for you to feel it is the right choice for you. Let us know . . . Cathy