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    Not sure if you have been on Methimazole already and have been prescribed 10mg because your levels are coming down after an initial run on a higher dosage of Methimazole. I can’t say I understand how a doctor determines the dosage from the uptake scan. 10mg is fairly moderate though. . . so that is a good thing.

    Nevertheless, I was initially placed on a higher dosage of 30mg of Methimazole to get my levels down fast. It may be that MY uptake dictated that dosage as determine by my Doctor. The good news was that I felt MUCH better within about 6 weeks, and even better yet the following two weeks. You will be amazed how much better you feel once your thyroid levels come back to normal. I was better able to handle stress and that sense of well being came back soon thereafter, not to mention much better concentration levels. Just ensure that your Doctor watches that you don’t OVER suppress the thyroid either. Regular blood tests are a must during this stage.

    I was placed on beta-blockers BEFORE I went on Methimazole, and slowly weaned off of them once my thyroid levels started normalizing. I can’t say that I saw a whole lot of improvement with the Beta blockers. The real improvement came when the thyroid levels normalized. Insomnia was a big problem with me while hyper. I was barely 30 at of diagnosis and in peak physical conditioning, so if you are in a similar position, that should work in your favor. Living and eating well is a must, especially now! I’ve read testimonials here of how some people experienced muscle damage while hyper and could barely lift so much as a book. This was not my experience (Fortunately). Our experiences with GD are clearly quite personal, it’s not a one size fits all kind of thing and that is what your attending physician must understand as well. You are the one with the disease and you are your best advocate. Seems like you are doing a good job!

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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