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    I am 50 & just started menopausal symptoms when GD entered my life – There are two antithyroid meds – everyone talks about PTU but what about the other – I understand PTU is safer if you are pregnant but I am past that stage – is the other med better or stronger or just different? The symptoms of this disease seem to appear for me when I am trying to concentrate or do small things – if I stay doing something (like using the leaf blower to blow the leaves) I’m not feeling them. How does this work? They seem to come and go.
    I am a type A and noticed that others have posted they are the same. If I can control stress it will help relieve the symptoms? What is the longterm outlook on life being normal again? I’ve noticed some have said that it is a roller coaster to get the thyroid under control. Is that with the meds &/or RAI?
    I have seen an endo and he has said it is my choice on which treatment to choose – My uptake was 34 – how does that fall in the range of those diagnosed with GD? For those of you who have chose the meds how long did it take for the thyroid to slow down? How about with RAI? Did the meds or the RAI make you feel sick after taking it?
    My husband & I have planned a trip to Hawaii in February and would like to feel normal but I think that is out of the question that soon – I am trying to get a positive outlook on this but am really struggling. Right now the lack of being able to concentrate and make my fingers work the keyboard properly is a bit much.
    WOW after reading what I wrote it is all over the board but I don’t have the mental concentration to fix it.