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    I’ve always been positive – the glass is always half full with me! The problem with being an optimist is the frequent letdowns when things turn out negative. I’m upset for a "minute", until I figure out what the "silver lining" is this time. (I have always been one to "figure out" everything – definitely type A!) So I guess I’ve always been on a mental roller coaster. (No – I am not manic-depressive, I asked a psychologist about that once, and he assured me I’m just anal retentive!) Then GD introduced a physical roller coaster.
    Now, if I can only get the mental and physical roller coasters to go up and down at the same time! LOL
    Also – I often wonder if God is using GD to teach me that there are some things I just can’t control in my life. I fear I am failing this test horribly!