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    Make sure you sit down with your doctor to go over the results of the uptake/scan. There are two elements to determining Graves’ with these tests, and both should be considered. There is, first, the amount of iodine taken up (a percentage), and second, the pattern of uptake. If the pattern is what they call "diffuse," meaning it’s spread evenly across the entire gland, that is a stronger indication of Graves’ Disease. If the pattern is specific, meaning it was taken up a lot in a few small areas, that would point to something else.

    It IS possible to have a Graves’ diagnosis through an uptake/scan and have no symptoms or perceptible antibodies. The disease waxes and wanes, symptoms come and go, in some people for quite a while. If you do have it, but are asymptomatic, then the important thing is to know it’s there. You can keep an eye out for symptoms of the active disease and then you’ll know what to do. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t need any kind of treatment, if all of your levels are good and you have no symptoms. It’s a good time to do all your research, while you feel relatively well. That way, if you end up needing to pursue treatment, you’ll have an idea of what you want to do and (hopefully) getting well will be a shorter process.