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    ohiolady wrote: I do have one question about the bones – I am 5’7" – 120" (and losing) soaking wet and very small build any I wonder about osteoporosis all the time. Is there contridications on using ATD if osteoporosis is present? I don’t know I have it but I do know I have the right physical attributes for it.

    I also want to say thanks for all who have responded to my posts – it is comforting to discuss this with others blessed with GD. Tammy


    Good advise to check with your Dr. concerning Bone density issues. My understanding is that it is in being “hyper” that we loose bone density, and ATD’s in of themselves don’t have much to do with that (but do ask you Dr. to be sure). I had two bone density scans in my Graves’ history. One in 1995ish while still on ATD’s and another one around the early 2000’s. Both times in the median (average) range for my age group and gender. A bone density scan is one thing that your Dr. will prescribe for time to time (or should prescribe). You don’t want to be hyper for sure . . and you certainly don’t want to be hypO either as that brings on a whole different set of problems. You will need to determine what is normal for you as far as thyroid levels are concerned, especially since the normal range is fairly broad in scope, and does vary somewhat from person to person.

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