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    ohiolady wrote:Ok so if 30 – 40% chance of remission why do so many choose RAI for first treatment instead of ATD


    I just want to add to Ski’s thoughtful post.

    In doing my own research, I have found remission statistics to be so varied. Even within the medical community, one Doctor may tell you one thing and another Dr. something else. Ski’s overall average of 30-40% may not be that far off the mark, however there are SO many variables that could come into play. Variables MAY include; how long ATD therapy is administered, how severe the case is, and even the notion that removing environmental triggers may have some impact on remission . . . and the variables don’t stop there. Statistics about achieving a subsequent (2nd) remission are equally as varied. Some say you are LESS likely to achieve a 2nd remission, others say the opposite is true, depending again on various factors. I personally never got hung up on remission statistics, but just did what I thought was right for me, just as Ski so intelligently suggested, do what “YOU are comfortable with”

    In my case, I was given ATD’s for about 2 months and felt so MUCH better, and YES my endocrinologist recommended RAI after my uptake Scan, but because I felt so much better and didn’t have any serious side effects; AND I was able to reduce my ATD dosage, I decided to stay the course with ATD’s. His inclination was to administer RAI, my inclination was not to, for these and a variety of other personal reasons. In the end he supported me in that decision and we worked together to make sure I was properly regulated. I saw his role as assisting me in achieving and maintaining optimal thyroid levels (which he did). Beyond that, I did a TON of my own independent research to learn as much as I could about the disease, pro-cons to various treatments etc etc. At that point in time I did not rule out RAI as an option at some future point in time if required. It was "wait and see" and; "one day at a time", and lets see how healthy I am through the ATD process.

    There is no perfect answer other than, do what you are comfortable with doing. Using of course any one of the three approved treatment options available to you.

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