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    Cathy, Thank you. I have always been interested in the medical field. I wanted to be a pediatric nurse out of high school. No money and no support at home so I didn’t. Out of high school I volunteered for a Veterinarians Office and then went full time there for two years. That sort of drilled the whole love of medicine into my brain for sure even though I am NOT at all great with math. lol I left there only never to return to any medical profession at all. I worked customer service for almost 5 years then temp’d for a while then became a stay at home mom. My thirst for medicine still rings true for me though and I am always researching things even if they have nothing to do with me. Maybe one day when my kids are older I will do something involving that but right now I can’t. I try to keep up on things that I do know and I also adore animals and of course try to keep up on that and not forget what I know. I am a nutritionist for animals and like to keep up with that as well as training them and learning their behavior. So I guess the answer is no I’m not but maybe one day would like to work with animals again. Not sure about humans lol.
    Thank you, great observation. I do try to learn as much as I can even if it is a little here and a little there.