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    I can’t tell you how much I wish I had known better at the time! It would have made a huge difference in my health! You are right–it did a huge number on my poor body and it’s taking a long time to get better. I did have a thyroid uptake/scan in early 2007 when the doctor finally realized that I was hyperthyroid. Graves’ has been confirmed by 2 endocrinologists. And, I have been under the care of a good endocrinologist for about a year now and taking AntiT meds. It seems that I am hypersensitive to the drugs and levels keep fluctuating so meds keep having to be adjusted. It’s been a very bumpy road and I am not feeling back to "normal" (good) yet but have felt pretty good at times and hoping to get stabilized long enough to continue feeling pretty good! I still wish I could find an answer to my question. Nancy Patterson said she would check into it before my post was lost. I don’t know what happened with her inquiry. Do you know how I can followup with her to find out where her inquiry stands?