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    Cathy – I have been sick a lot, too, since RAI 15 months ago. And I just missed work 2 weeks ago due to a virus – I just couldn’t get out of bed. Nyquil is my "drug" of choice these days! I’d rather sleep through illness than feel it. I never, ever took sick days before all this. Luckily, I have good relationships with management here and they "follow" my progress. Every time they hear something about Graves they mention it. When I had RAI, they were very concerned about my radiation level and didn’t want me in the office – so it was easy to take a few days off for that. There is a lot to be said for working relationships, indeed. My husband also works here, in management, so even if they wonder whether I’m making it up, it will never be said out loud, I don’t think. But I honestly don’t think I’ve ever given them reason to feel that way. I believe if you’re an honest person and a good employee, then your actions and history should let your supervisors know the truth. Hang in there, Cathy. We’re here with you!

    Wristmaker – I’m so very glad you have an appointment to follow up with your lab. Graves symptoms can change so often that a year’s prescription just cannot be right that entire time. When I was on tapazole/methamizole, I had labwork every 6 weeks, and my dose went up or down each time. Since RAI I’ve been on synthroid, and I have lab done every 30 days, and my dose always changes with that, too. I also have my cholesteral checked every other month – because my Dr says thyroid problems can effect it. It bounces up and down, also.
    You will definitely feel better once you get things regulated properly (which could mean constant med changes).
    I lived in a small rural town for 39 years before moving to the city, and I do know how difficult that is. I also know that some free clinics use a rotating staff, so it’s impossible to see the same person each time. I hate that you are in that situation, but hopefully the nurse practitioner you’re going to see will help you and work out payments until you can get medicaid or disability filed. You obviously have internet access, so use it! Read all of the posts on this site, then google graves disease and read it all. Doctors can tell you all you need to know – but they rarely have time. I find it’s easier to educate myself and make a list of specific questions to ask my Dr. I pray for you and wish you only the best of luck and peace of mind. Please take care of yourself.