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    I’m not able to take BC pills anymore, I’ve tried every one and they give me migranes so that option is out. I’ve been doing hot compresses and between those and motrin they seem to help some. He was going to remove the cyst, do a D&C(the lining is 2 – 3times thicker than it should be) and biopsies checking for endometreosis(sp). My mom had to have a hysterectomy at 29 due to endometreosis and fibroids. I’m trying to avoid that as long as I can. I have not had my levels checked. It’s a complitcated story but I had to find a new gyno because the one that I had been going to for almost 15 years got into trouble and is going to jail and can no longer practice. It was a HUGE shock so on top of having problems I had to find a new doctor. It turned our town upsidedown to say the least.

    I have another uptake and scan done on Wednesday and Thursday but what is different than the last time is this one is going to include a scan of my pelvis because the endo said that in rare cases the cyst can produce hormone as well and contribute to my counts not being exactly as what they had expected. I see the endo then on Friday and hopefully I’ll know more then as to what direction I need to go in. I know that I’m ready for some direction that’s for sure because this waiting is driving me nuts!! :lol: I know the endo has been sending stuff to my PCP but I’ll have to check if he’s sending it to my gyno as well.

    Thank you for all your help and pointers. It’s nice to have someone out there to talk to that knows what your going through I’ll keep you posted <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />