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    Have you mourned your;

    Has your Husband made peace with everything he needs to with his brother? Has he done the things that are real and meaningful like take a fishing pole and get the boys and go fishing even if it’s in a pond somewhere because brother in law can’t walk far?
    Have they sat around early in the morning one day and just watched the sunrise…if not get er done!!
    If your brother in law can not move or has difficulty then there are other things that can be done but spending as much time as you can with him is key, for your husbands sake, for your sake and for your sons sake.

    May God watch over your mother while she goes through this ordeal and if she does have cancer or something wrong then be with her as much as possible and help her get through it.

    Dealing with the loss of a pet is hard enough but having to put that dog down is even harder. Remember we were given dominion over animals and animals entrust us to do the right thing. Don’t doubt yourself about your dog. I am sure the he/she lived well in your home.

    Remember that you have to come first in order for you to put your boys and husband first. If you are not well you can not take care of them so if that means that keeping stepdaughter away then so be it for now. You have tried and she is not responding, the only thing that you can do is hope that she figures it out.

    Depression during weight gain is not uncommon but remember that healing takes time. Watch what you eat and make sure you speak with dr. about your weight and your concerns. Don’t let them blow you off about the weight gain either, make sure they give you answers.

    Please make sure that you keep your rescue inhaler with you at all times. One in the car/one in the purse/one in the house….
    Is your asthma allergy induced?

    I instilled when I first got sick after finding out I had Graves was that anyone coming into the house had to wash their hands. Kids/adults. If it was a parent picking up a kid I didn’t fuss over it because they dont touch things. But kids no matter who they are MUST when they walk in my door.
    Cleaning the light switches and doorknobs frequently it helps a lot!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday. Remember take it easy when you can.