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    Wow, I really know what your going through. I have the same symptoms and facing the same problems. I however just started medications. My dr said that there would be a chance where the medicine wont work and other treatments such as killing the thyroid or removing it would result. Im not really educated on this disease yet but all I can say is be pro active on how you feel and get other opionions until you get the results you want. It took them two years to diagnose me because I kept going to different people and getting tests done over and over. Dr’s are quick to make you seem its trivual but you are the only person that knows your body. Like i said i understand your frustration and the life changes you have made but dont give up hope keep trying. I would see what else is available to you. Not everything you try the first, second, third or fouth time will work it takes time, patience and trial and error. Unfortuetly graves disesase doesnt give much time for trial and error due to is severity and symptoms. Just keep trying and log everything down so your dr has it in writing and can look at it. I was leaving key symptoms and feelings and even diets out of my symptoms and once i really wrote it down and told the dr everything it took them 10mins to diagnose me. Its hard and it can suck more days than people understand but just keep your head up and be pro active. I also wanted to know how you got on disability because I need to look into that.