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    One thing I’ve learned in the 12 years that I’ve "had" Graves ( at least diagnosed Graves) is that reading test results is not nearly as straightforward as I would like.

    That said, it might help to know that the TSH is a type of "running average" of our actual thyroid hormone levels. A running average actually takes longer to "center" than one would like. Because it is a running average, we need to be patient and wait the required amount of time for our next blood tests: testing too soon can cause a hormonal yo-yo, at worst, which is something to be avoided if possible. Also, it was thought when I was diagnosed that the TSH was suppressed for so long that it might take time for the pituitary to "wake up" to new thyroid hormone levels.

    I don’t know the answer to these issues. I think you should just make sure that you are being checked regularly, and if you start showing a whole list of hypothyroid symptoms, you should talk with your endocrinologist.

    Bobbi — Online Facilitator