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    Omg, this goes to the original post. I am 23 about to me 24 and I was just diagnoes like a month ago but had it for at least a good solid 1.5 yrs. My levels were 1.0 and .002 I know how you feel. I was put on propanolol and got jaundice then I was put on tapazole and it gave me severe shakes/low blood sugar. I am now on PTU and no beta blocker because they actually speed my heart rate up (weird). I take two pill every eight hrs and for over a week now and still feel as if I wasn’t taking anything. I am to the point where my social life, college career and job are at any point going to collapse. I am always tired, anxious,and feel out of loop. I get these bouts of extreme energy than I crash. I was just wondering what your journey has been like. We are the same age so i would really like to get your story from a-z. I was freaking out when I read your post because I was in and out of the hospital and all they said was your having panic/anxiety attacks. My dr then looked over my blood work for a year and thank God her partner foud it when I went into her purely by mistake. My thyroid has a 2cm nodule on it and is 5x its size. please respond back with ur story from day 1 to know. My personal email is Kmw55@uakron.edu. Also if anyone else wants to email me with any tips advice stories or current personal issues I am open to anything.